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On these pages you can find articles and background info about the history of Røros mining town and the Circumference.

Røros Copper Works

Røros Copper Works was founded in 1644 and continued in production for 333 years, until 1977.

The people and the farms

Running the farms was an important part of the livelihood for the workers and the management of the copper works. The mining centre of Røros was built up of mountain farms in a town.

The King and the Church

A World Heritage site like Røros is created by intensive labour, capital investment and strict administration. The State, or, in other words, the autocratic King had to make the necessary arrangements and exercise his power in order to promote development.

Resources, Site and Situation

The discovery of copper-rich ore in 1644 was made in a virtually unpopulated area. Within what is today the Røros district there may have been as many as 50 people.

The work of Preservation

As early as 1922 the Chief Inspector of The Inspectorate of Ancient Monuments and Buildings (Riksantikvaren) became interested in Røros.

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