The people of the house

The first person we know of, who owned the house where Rasmusgaarden stands today was, Joen Olsen Tronshat (1696-1748). His eldest daughter, Ane born in 1729 married Rasmus Andersen Vintevold and took over the property.

  • Oline og Rasmus Wintervold
    Oline og Rasmus Wintervold Rørosmuseet

Randi Borgos 

From then on the name of Rasmus became the name of the building and Vintervold became the name of the family who lived there. After Ane and Rasmus the family continued to own the building until 1998.

According to the census in 1865 there were 5 people living in Rasmusgaarden. There was Rasmus Clausen Vintervold who was 71 years old, the head of the house and a miner, his wife Anne Kjerstine Andersdatter, 61 years, with them lived their daughter, Anne Rasmusdatter who was 33 and unmarried, their son, John Rasmussen Vintervold 26 years and his wife, Marit Pedersdatter, 36 years.

Rasmus Wintervold (1877-1961) and Oline, nee Torres (1873-1962) ran a smallholing on the property fro many years, and during their time there were three generations living in the house. Rasmus worked in the smelting house during the whole of his long working life. Their son, Olaf Rasmusen Wintervold (1899-1988) and his wife Oddlaug (1904-1981) were the last to occupants to carry on with farming. They had 1 horse and 4 – 5 cows. The farm closed down in 1970.